Young Thug Posts Photo of Apparent Lean IV

Young Thug Posts Photo of Apparent Lean IV

Saturday, 02 December 2017

7 mins ago News Young Thug Posts Photo of Apparent Lean IV

Young Thug sparked outrage and concern over his apparent drug habits with a photo he posted on Friday (Dec. 1).

The Instagram Stories pic in question features a purple liquid, connected to an intravenous tube on his arm. The caption read: “Fuck a double cup I wanna feel it faster.”

Young Thug out here wit a lean IV?

— DJ Akademiks (@IamAkademiks) December 1, 2017

It’s unclear whether the photo shows lean or a different liquid of a similar hue. It’s also unclear whether Thug actually used the IV. Nevertheless, the post sparked concerns over his apparent drug habits as well as the promotion of drug use on social media.

Thug hasn't posted anything since that lean iv and I'm worried

— DD (@dussedrip) December 1, 2017

Young Thug pumping lean in his arm through an IV? The addiction epidemic is glorified now so it’s not seen as a problem anymore until someone dies. This. Is. A. Huge. Fucking. Problem.

— your stepmom (@_Swagtacular_) December 1, 2017

Young Thug has lean on an IV Drip and is posting it on social media. This is a cry for help if I've ever seen one.

— Juan S. Robles 🇩🇴 (@J_S_Robles) December 1, 2017

Lean has been criticized by many medical professionals, who say that it can have several negative effects. Some warn that it can also severely damage organs. While some rappers have glorified it, others have spoken out about its impact.

In 2008, UGK rapper Pimp C reportedly died at 33 due to “promethazine/codeine effects and other unestablished factors.” His UGK partner Bun B went on to refer to it as a “cough syrup epidemic” and established that it’s a “problem.” Last month, Wiz Khalifa also deemed lean “lame.”

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